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virtual machine

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virtual machine

# hpvminfo -v
Version A.03.50.00
ioctl IOCTL_IMB_SEND_MESSAGE failed: status 16 (Device busy).
hpvminfo: Running on an HPVM host.

Any idea about the above error message
thanks in advance
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Re: virtual machine

Do you get the same result if you try this again?

Hope this helps!

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Re: virtual machine

even i am new to tis and i would love to troubleshoot this issue... can u give me some more details... else i will be observing this Q to update my knoledge..

thanks a lot
Hemanth Gurunath Basrur
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Re: virtual machine

Hi Navin,

One of the ioctl commands to send IPMI messages to the BMC is IOCTL_IMB_SEND_MESSAGE. It allows a 64-bit user process to send a message to the BMC. See for more information. It might have failed because the caller is unable to access the BMC because too many processes are contending for access.