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virtual machine

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virtual machine

Hi ,

i usually dont install vm commands on there a way that we can find out main host of the vm guest ...from vm guest

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R.K. #
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Re: virtual machine

Output will be something like this:

# hpvminfo -V
hpvminfo: Running inside an HPVM guest.
Configured guest name: vm0512
Host chassis information
Host model string : ia64 hp server rx5670
Host serial number : USR4319L4J
Host partition ident : a7d6d186-9f74-11d7-867a-636e2282571a
Host machine ident : a7d6d186-9f74-11d7-867a-636e2282571a
Host Inet information
Hostname : rake
Number of host IPv6 Addresses : 0
Number of host IPv4 Addresses : 1
IP Address :
Host SCSI information
Timeout : 40000
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