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vmunix: Line 5180 in /ux/core/kern/common/io/pat_psm. c:

Yoo, Jin-Seok
Occasional Contributor

vmunix: Line 5180 in /ux/core/kern/common/io/pat_psm. c:

I Have L2000-440MHz
I have following error message repeatedly

vmunix: Line 5180 in /ux/core/kern/common/io/pat_psm.
c: pat_get_olar_info - rc -1 slot_id -16187515

Is this server in trouble?

Thanks in advance..
Honored Contributor

Re: vmunix: Line 5180 in /ux/core/kern/common/io/pat_psm. c:

Hi Yoo,

This error/alert are due to failure in a firmware call to get PCI slot information.

Alerts are related to a feature called as OLAR (Online Addtion and Replacement) where in you can add a IO card online and remove the same..

The only way to resolve this at present is to take a reboot.

Permanent fix would be to update the System Firmware to latest.

Best Regards,