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vpmon and vpdb corrupted.

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vpmon and vpdb corrupted.

please help me ,

what are the contents of VPMON?

what are the contecnts of VPDB?


when ever we add or delete any componenet from a vpar where it will updates?


i have one npar and there are 2 vpars inside, if my vpdb is corrupted in a vpar ? what will happens? how to recover my vpdb?

in the 2nd scenario  if my vpmon is corrupted hwat will happens , how to recover the same..

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Re: vpmon and vpdb corrupted.

Question is - how you can corrupt it? The vpdb is synced accross all running vpars every few seconds. It holds vpars settings (resources, paths, etc); vpmon is a piece of software "between" the OS and the servers firmware (in simple words).

Hope this helps!

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