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what is meant by log level

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what is meant by log level

what is meant by log level.

how to find the log level & log level size in unix machine
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Re: what is meant by log level

Greetings Rajesh,

1.nettlgen.conf - network tracing/logging and kernel logging configuration file
1.tag->Contains LOG tag string.
2.Console Logging Flag->Set to 1 if console
logging is to be enabled, 0 if not.
3.Log Port Size->Amount of memory to
reserve for internal log message buffers.
Specified in Kbyte units. Valid range is 1
- 32. The default is 8.
4.Maximum Log File Space Determines the maximum logging file space to be allowed. Specified in Kbyte units. This value
is the combined size of the 2 ping-ponged log
files. Valid range is 1 - 10240. The default is 1000.
5.Log File prefix->Path and name of the log
file, without the type and age extension
(.LOG0x, where x is 0 or1).
6.Console Filter File Name of filter configuration file used for console logging
For more information please check below URL:

Ismail Azad
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Re: what is meant by log level

Hi rajesh,

Well I can take this question with a meaning like an intent log level size. There are four levels :- delaylog,tmplog,nolog and fulllog and accordingly you will have security and performance. Critical filesystems can have an intent log level of delaylog and very temporary ones with tmplog.

Intent log size can be seen with the command mkfs -F vxfs -m /dev/vg01/exampleitrc.

Well... that's one way of looking at your question.

Ismail Azad
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James R. Ferguson
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Re: what is meant by log level


Yikes. *Exactly* what do you mean when you ask about a "log level"? VxFS logging, 'syslogd' log levels, increasing verbosity reported by the 'sshd' daemon? Define what you want to ask!