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%wio consistently above 40 during peak load

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%wio consistently above 40 during peak load

Hi Team ,


We have 2 app and 2 db servers of 11iv3 each 16c / 256 GB RAM , rx2800 i4 .

We are facing tremendus performance issue for our batch jobs commencing from 9pm everyday.

We collected sar statistics , and it shows %wio is consistently above 40 for 4 hrs.

These all 4 servers each has 2 hba connected to EMC SAn switch 8gb , and storage is VNX 5500 with 

24GB Cache

12 nos. of 8Gbps FC port

6Gbps SAS back-end architecture.

85 nos. of 300GB 15K SAS drives

58 nos. of 600GB 15K SAS drives

8 nos. of 2TB NL SAS drives

5 nos. of 100GB SSD


Application is finance related & database is oracle 11g.

Tried all parametrs filecache,hires, use

DB async_io false , increased SGA use 

Now if we increase number of HBA's will our perfmnce improve ?

We already have EMC multipathing software 


PFA sar o/p colected during performance degradation

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Re: %wio consistently above 40 during peak load

Turned out to be filesystem issue.