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xbrowser not working

Super Advisor

xbrowser not working

xbrowser not working

here with i have attached the xbroswer login error screent shot.

kindly find the below output from server

[rajesh]$ps -ef |grep dt
root 2047 1 0 Aug 28 ? 0:00 /sbin/sh /usr/dt/bin/dtrc
root 2055 2047 0 Aug 28 ? 2:48 /usr/dt/bin/dtlogin
rajesh 15434 1 0 21:20:54 ? 0:00 /usr/dt/bin/ttsession -s
rajesh 16530 16084 0 21:38:08 pts/1 0:00 grep dt
Alex Glennie
Honored Contributor

Re: xbrowser not working

check your networking.

Perhaps take some time to detail

O/S and what was done to cause this to fall over.

try googling cde desktop messaging system not started
Valued Contributor

Re: xbrowser not working


Are you able to login to the server through network?

run the following command and provide output.

uname -n
cat /etc/hosts.
netstat -in
cat /etc/rc.config.d/netconf

Manoj K

Thanks and Regards,
Manoj K