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AlphaServer ES47 2 CPU to 4 CPU process

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AlphaServer ES47 2 CPU to 4 CPU process

WHich to know who will be able to produce (by experience) the necesary steps to perform such ttask

after reading the description recomended in the manual 'HP AlphaServer ES80 Upgrades'

(EK-ES800-UP. C01)


I tried and after checking all pertinent dependencies is failing to show the second module as is shown

in the manual pages 3-1 ...


The MBM messages dos NOT show any type  message which could allow me confirm that is forming a group with the new hardware.


Please, I need to move on with this this week!


Thank you



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Re: AlphaServer ES47 2 CPU to 4 CPU process

Can we assume you executed the command:


set membership –add –ca 0 –dr 1 MBM
Is it possible for you to take a photo of the console so people can see the console output?
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Re: AlphaServer ES47 2 CPU to 4 CPU process

The system I am talking about is a production system (24x7) which happens i had for few hours last week-end

and I can not perorm something like taking any photo of the output until I get the system back to try again to

add the 2 additional CPU's.


I can asure that the screnn output didnt show any error(s) it creates the expected group with present equipment

but there is NO messages comming up as the scrren mentioned in the manual as I stated previously.


I need to know if anybody experience what I am explaining here and if there anything that that manual is overlooking.


      For example: Any specific command which will allow to force the recognition of the additonal equipment.


The manual states that as soon the system starts it will eventually notice that I physically added the equipment

and that it will show the user what commands needs to be type and enter to proceed.


       That is NOT happening!



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Re: AlphaServer ES47 2 CPU to 4 CPU process

Well let's guess then?


Is the amber light on the front illuminated? (Can we assume no?)


Did you upgrade firmware?


Did you set each of the new cpu's drawer id?


Have you checked all your cabling to ensure everything is where it should be? One can assume that if the system is NOT detecting your hardware changes then your hardware changes did not work?


As you know if the system can probe a new drawer it will list it for action:

GRP-W-(grp_Probe) MBM/PBM cab:00 drw:1 is not in the member list.


If you're not seeing that, then it ISN'T there --either because of firmware, invalid ID or invalid cabling.




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Re: AlphaServer ES47 2 CPU to 4 CPU process

OpenVMS v8.3

Firmware: Console Version ... V6.8-3 (latest available to ES47)

Ground cable to chassis

Power cables to to PDU


All cabling in place:
North pole of drawer ID#0 to south pole of drawer ID#1
South pole of drawer ID#0 to north pole of drawer ID#1


IP cables from each drawer connected to NAT


Bottom drawer ID: 0
   Upper drawer ID: 1
         I/O drawer ID: 4

vt-terminal connected to serial port on drawer ID#0

Each drawer turned ON in succession from drawer ID#0 up...


Amber light: ON


messages appear in both CPU drawer front LED screen

Power-up displayed shows MBM> messages forming the network segment group
and then attaching interface to drawer ID#0 and drawer ID#4 only

NO messages of any memebership or group forming with drawer ID#1 (Problem here)

After finishing the MBM power up messages in the vt-terminal,
the messages swith to the SRM GUI console. Ready for OS boot!


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Re: AlphaServer ES47 2 CPU to 4 CPU process


As you may well notice per previous information

there is NO request at the MBM to use the expected command from the manual


          set membership –add –ca 0 –dr 1 MBM
Nor is there any opportunity to enter such command because the power-up messages
switch to the SRM GUI console.
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Re: AlphaServer ES47 2 CPU to 4 CPU process

From afar it seems you have done everything correctly.


However, if there is an amber light illuminated then there is an error internally.


Have you checked the power supply? Power to both cords? Fans spinning, lights on?


When powering up it's imperative to go from the bottom drawer upwards.


If all else fails, disassemble and try again, perhaps you have missed something when cabling - not inserted securely etc.



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Re: AlphaServer ES47 2 CPU to 4 CPU process

Hi everybody


Last week-end I found a way of testing the new drawer by itself


       If we need to test the drawer, the ID# have to be 0 NOT 1


The new drawer was perfect and all messages came up as expected.


Now, one thing that may be connected to the actual upgrade problem (adding the new drwaer to the production box)

is that in the test I found that the new drawer has a higher firmware version than the one in prodcution


When we received the optional ES47 drawer I was almost sure the firmware was the same, but HP came with a

later firmware version (v7.3-11 - June 4 / 2007) shortly after  v7.3 - Apr 2007.


And this look like not big deal but it is quiet a subtle issue connected with the ‘power switch sensor routine’ for a possible problem. The documentation states that if the power switch is slowly moved from the ON position to SECURE position, the system may go OFF.


Hope, next week-end the harware upgrade will work as expected!





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Re: AlphaServer ES47 2 CPU to 4 CPU process

I guess if you had have answered my question: "Did you upgrade firmware?" earlier, the time taken to find the problem may have been shortened.