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Base config file MPE 7.0

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Jez Kadzewski
Frequent Advisor

Base config file MPE 7.0

Can anyone tell me what the base config file is for RP2450 e3000/A500-100-14 server in MPE 7.0?

I have tried listgroup con@ but there is nothing that resembles the server.
Kwan Fong, Emile
Honored Contributor

Re: Base config file MPE 7.0

Hello Jez,

The SYSGEN base configuration files for e3000 A-class servers (A400 & A500) are in the following groups:

CONFACF2.SYS with FC card
CONFACF4.SYS with FC card

CONFACL1.SYS without FC card
CONFACL2.SYS without FC card
CONFACL3.SYS without FC card
CONFACL4.SYS without FC card
King is the customer!
Jez Kadzewski
Frequent Advisor

Re: Base config file MPE 7.0

Hi Emile,

Thanks for the speedy reply I have used the
CONFACL1.SYS file & the config is now correct.