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Gateway change on HP3000

Greg Cotten

Gateway change on HP3000

I have a question for anyone left that has an HP3000. I want to change the gateway on one of our two network connections. My procedure will include nmmgr, changing the gateway, then validate. Stopping and starting the network again by a reboot of the system. However I have been told that there is another item that needs to be changed when you change the gateway. Does anyone else know other than nmmgr if you change the gateway, where else needs to be changed?
Ian Warner
Trusted Contributor

Re: Gateway change on HP3000

Going through my notes, here goes

F1(open config)
F2 (NS) - F2(unguided) - F1(netxport) - F3 (go to NI) - F6 (modify NI) - F3 (go to internet)
This should get you to the gateways. Enter the name of the gateway and press F6 (modify).
Make any changes then F6 (save data) then keep on pressing F8 till you see F5 (utility).
Press F5 (utility)
F3 (go to validate)
F1 (validate netxport)
exit NMMGR.
Then try
This should work without bringing the network down.

Ian Warner
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