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HP3000 to HP9000 migration

Andre Kolytcheff

HP3000 to HP9000 migration

We need to study feasibility to migrate our own HP3000 softwares to HP9000 server.
All programs were developped using COBOL,VPLUS,TurboImage and ALLBASE. Does somebody have any experience of such migration?
Is Cobol compiler supported under HP-UX?
Does a migration tool exist to migrate ALLBASE or TurboImage to ORACLE?
Thank's for any information.
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: HP3000 to HP9000 migration


Start here:

And I guess welcome aboard to unix?

live free or die
Live Free or Die
S.K. Chan
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Re: HP3000 to HP9000 migration

Bob Odor
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP3000 to HP9000 migration

Transformix Computer Corporation offers a group of tools for use in migrating a COBOL/VPLUS application from MPE to UNIX. You can get information at Note - I have not used their tools, so I can't vouch for how well they work.
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James Harrington
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Re: HP3000 to HP9000 migration

We have done, and continue to do, successful HP3000 to HP9000 migrations. Our ???FMA 3000??? financial system comprises some 650,000 lines of Cobol source in total.

In 1995 we migrated our applications to HP9000 Unix and Oracle database. We used ???AMX??? migration tools supplied by Neartek of Les Ulis. AMX emulates MPE features including Image calls, MPE intrinsics, commands and utilities, JCL and background job processing.

So we now have two systems which are functionally identical, ???FMA 3000??? and ???FMA-ux???. There is a single source code for each program (some lines are marked as ???applies on Unix only??? or ???MPE only???). In our case, since we continue to support FMA 3000, we still do all development on HP3000, re-migrating each enhanced program as we go. If we were not retaining an HP3000, we should move all development to HP9000.

On HP-UX we use Microfocus Cobol. Some features of HP Cobol are not supported by MF so we have to allow for the differences.

For us, HP9000 ???performance per dollar??? is far superior. Hardware and software reliability are excellent ??? we find HP9000 and HP-UX to be as reliable as HP3000 and MPE.