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OpenVMS 8.4 $ BACKUP/LOG DISK:[TEST...] MGA0:TEST.BCK/SAVE not working

Bob Blunt
Respected Contributor

Re: OpenVMS 8.4 $ BACKUP/LOG DISK:[TEST...] MGA0:TEST.BCK/SAVE not working

Sepp, when you call HP for support and try to swim through the phone response system and finally get a person ask immediately to be transferred to OpenVMS backline (or second level) support.  Most of the agents should have access to transfer information.  It might not be exactly where you want to go but the people who work on that team should know storage-centric people who are more OpenVMS-savvy than most of the people that you'd normally get using the telephone system prompts and trying to find them directly.  I'm not sure in which specific geography your business exists so I don't know if you'll end up speaking with the team that used to work out of Colorado Springs or not.


Unfortunately this won't *magically make your tape and controller work on your server running OpenVMS* but you should at least be able to find someone who can talk that OpenVMS talk and probably help you find the right path to follow without asking you to load PC-centric tools on your server.