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System Abort 725

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System Abort 725

During boot:
System abort 725 from subsystem 122
secondary status info = -55
subsys= 107
system halt 7,$02D5

What is the cause of this?
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Re: System Abort 725

725 =
'The port's server caused an unexpected escape.'

Secondary status =
'A DATA MEMORY PROTECTION trap was detected because of an invalid target address

Beyond that, we'd need to see a memory dump.

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Re: System Abort 725

Hello EDP,

Is your system running MPE/iX OS release 6.0? If so, does the SA725 occur right after system bootup? If so, there are many instances where the spooler subsystem has started all printer spoolers devices including network printers _ Before _ the network transport and service is started. if there are spoolfiles ready to print to your network printers before network is started, SA725 may occur.

You may want to install the latest 6.0 network patch NSTGDK3 to fix this issue or as a workaround until you install the patch, you ensure to start the network services before the printjobs print.

The problem is fixed on OS releases 6.5, 7.0 and 7.5.
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