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mount disks in

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mount disks in

Two nodes' cluster.I had add the following in on EACH NODE($1$dga: is MSA1000 disks):
$mount $1$dga1:/cluster DATA1
$mount $1$dga2:/cluster DATA2
$mount $1$dga3:/cluster DATA3
But when the system normal startup,and mounting the $1$dga1:,always displays:
%mount-i-mounted,data1 mounted on _$1$dga1: (BU)
%mount-i-rebuild,volume was improperly dismounted; rebuild in progress

The $1$dga2: and $1$dga3: all are mounted good.
I want to know if it is a error?
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Re: mount disks in

This message can be caused by the disk not being dismounted before the system is shut down. For example due to a power failure. There may or may not be serious consequences. You may see other messages and there could be files in syslost when the rebuild is complete.
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Re: mount disks in


$ help/mess "rebuild in progress"

REBUILD, volume was improperly dismounted; rebuild in progress

Facility: MOUNT, Mount Utility

Explanation: You mounted a volume using the /REBUILD qualifier (which is the default) and the volume was last dismounted improperly, for example, because the system crashed. The volume is being rebuilt to recover disk resources that were cached when the volume was improperly dismounted.

User Action: After you have rebuilt the volume, it is good practice to use the Analyze/Disk_Structure utility to check for other errors and inconsistencies.

AFAIK, no ill consequences (apart from some diskspace used).

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Re: mount disks in

Thank you all,
I know the meaning of "mount-i-rebuild,volume was improperly dismounted; rebuild in progress"
What I want to know is WHY ONLY $1$dga1: displays this error information. $1$dga2: ,$1$dga3 all are good,WHY??
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Re: mount disks in

As said, this is caused by closaing down the system without the disk propely DISMOUNTed (normally done in SYSHUTDOWN.COM). It might be obvious: Does this device contain system files like SYSUAF or page- and/or swapfiles? That may pretent the disk to dismount properly.

Willem Grooters
OpenVMS Developer & System Manager
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Re: mount disks in

There were open files during DISMOUNT, the shutdown should report such things.

If the REBUILD takes too long during startup, you can mount with /NOREBUILD and perform the rebuild later during nightjobs...

regards Kalle
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Re: mount disks in

I guess in SYS$MANAGER:SYSHUTDWN.COM misses some SHUTDOWN procedure; e.g. TCP/IP, Pathwork or some other.

Antonio Vigliotti
Antonio Maria Vigliotti
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Re: mount disks in


you could put a SHOW DEV/FILES $1$DGA1: as the last line in your SYSHUTDWN.COM - this will show the open files during shutdown. Use /OUTPUT=filename to save this information to a file, if you don't record the output from running SHUTDOWN.

Then you have to find out, what you could do to stop the applications or cause them to close their files.

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Re: mount disks in

Two node cluster? Sounds like $1$DGA1: is the quorum disk...
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Re: mount disks in

Well, if you really want to find out, start with

$ show device/mounted $1$dg

Check the transaction count. It must be either 1 (or 3 if the disk in question has disk quotas enabled) for disk to be cleanly dismountable.

To see (most) of stuff open you could do e.q.

$ show device/files $1$dga1:

It might be pagefile, swapfile, installed images (of an non system disk app), app process running and keeping files open) maybe RDB database or something like that.

Do have your SYS$MANAGER:SYSHUTDWN.COM populated with stuff to shutdown things you start up in SYS$MANAGER:SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM.

E.q. if you do during startup

$ @sys$

do should do

$ @sys$

during shutdown.

Append a


to SYHUTDWN.COM, do shutdown and use

$ show device/files $1$dga1:

to check what is still missing from SYSHUTDWN.COM.

Once you reach situation where Trans Count is 1 (or 3), the disk gets cleanly dismounted and you will not that the rebuild stuff done during reboot.

Note that pagefile, swpapfile on disk maybe unresolvable issue w.r.t. this symptom though.

And this whole thing is much important anyway
when using HBVS since one would want to avoid

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Re: mount disks in


Even if your shutdown contains an explicit dismount of all disks, any disk that has open files will be considered "improperly dismounted". Make sure all your applications have shutdown prior to dismounting disks.

However, a non-system disk containing your page and swap files, and any cluster files (SYSUAF & friends) will always have those files open at shutdown.

Unfortunately there is no way to avoid this. Fortunately the rebuild is usually fast. The biggest issue is for shadowed volumes where the same condition will trigger a merge. If you're affected by that enable Host Based Mini Merge to minimise the impact.
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Re: mount disks in

YES,$1$dga1: is a quorum disk.
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Re: mount disks in

Thanks all,
$1$dga1: is a quorum disk,as John said,the $1$dga1: contains cluster files,so when the system shutdown,the $1$dga1: can not be dismount completely.Is it right? and there is no way to avoid this.Right?
I think if it is not a error,only a warning, and it is no effect to the system,I will do nothing.Because only the $1$dga1: reports,not so long time.