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mibs for APC UPS??

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mibs for APC UPS??

Anybody have the location for the powernetPS.mib download? I'm getting alot of genericUnregistered traps from the 2 APC Smart-3000 units. I recompiled and re-registered  the powernet.mib from 2007 but still, no luck.


Thanks in advance to all.



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Re: mibs for APC UPS??

Have enabled  unregistered events to verify if you get somthing unknown?

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Re: mibs for APC UPS??

Yes, it was enabled. I've now disabled it, will test the current powernet.mib file that is in place as it seems to recognize and alert on some issues. The mib is old, I was hoping for an updated version.


Thanks for the reply.

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Re: mibs for APC UPS??

Here's the 2012 version (v4.0.7) (attached).



 Chris Bartram