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Can't retrieve data from the data source

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Can't retrieve data from the data source

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I have installed HP OMW9.0 with OMW patches OMW_00178 and OMW_00184 in windows server 2008 SP1


but in the performance manager graph getting some error under DBSPI_MSS_GRAPH metrics--


"error occurred while retrieving data from the data source"


I have chacked ovcodautil -obj and ovcodautil -dumpcoda. plz find the attachment for those outputs



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Re: Can't retrieve data from the data source


Check if DBSPI-MeasureWare policy is deployed and enabled. This policy which is scheduled to run every 5 minutes is responsible for logging data into DBSPI datasource.

You may also need to check all the pre-requisites for monitoring DBSPI.
i.e. Check if you DBSPI configuration is correct... <ov_instrumentation_dir>\dbspicam -d -v
Check if necessary collector and metric policies are deployed and enabled.

Hope this helps
Best Regards,
Gopinath Manickam

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