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ECS Designer for OMU 9

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ECS Designer for OMU 9

I understand ECS designer should be available for OMW 9. Are we going to use ECS Designer for OMU9 on Linux one day?



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Re: ECS Designer for OMU 9

Yes, ECS Designer will be available for OMW 9.


I can't answer your question if ECS designer will be available for OMU 9 on Linux.


You can use ECS designer on an OMU 8.x Server on a supported OS for Designer and transfer the ECS policies to OMU 9 on Linux using opccfgdwn and opccfgupld. There is a white paper that describes that:


And since policy exchange between OMW 9 and OMU 9 is possible you now will also be able to create

an ECS policy in OMW 9 and upload it in OMU 9.

Re: ECS Designer for OMU 9

Just to clarify. ECS Designer will be available *for* OMW9, but not necessarily *on* OMW9. There is a limited set of operating systems that do support ECS designer, not all Windows versions, no Linux etc.


Will it be available *for* OML? You will be able to use the same designer to create circuits for all our OMs, OMW, OMU, OM Solaris, but again that doesn't mean the designer would run on Linux.



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Re: ECS Designer for OMU 9



ECS Designer runs on Solaris and Windows.  There is a HP-UX PA version, but that's now no longer supported, so if the OM server type did not support ECS Designer, the resulting circuit had to be used on a supported platform and copied over to the sever.  My understanding is that there isn't a Linux version.


But, and there is a but, for most correlation use cases, Correlation Composer can be used.  I don't want to sound like a salesman, but Composer can be used to build very sophisticated correlation logic from multiple sources, transient, rate, enhance, repeated events and user defined (which I've personally never used, but is build up from the other correlation templates).  Correlation Composer is a Java GUI tool, which runs on (to my knowledge) all OM server platforms, and can be used to the servers along with Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux and Windows platforms.  It is used to update the composer factstore which is then used to load the composer correlators into the opcecm/opceca.


There is a new supporting Composer manual (October 2010) which is really good and has enough detail and examples to answer most questions...


I hope you get a better answer,



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Re: ECS Designer for OMU 9

Hello All,


Where can I download the ECS Designer 3.2 software? Its not on download site, but documents are.


My understanding is that the software can be isntalled remotely and used with OMU8 and OML9.


Any infor greatly appreciated.