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File system monitoring using CODA

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File system monitoring using CODA

Hi All,
I have made a measurement threshold policy using CODA.Data source is CODA;Object is FS;Metric is FS_SPACE_USED.
I am monitoring three file system
1)/opt/oracle and two others
-The thresholds which i have set are for 900%,90% and 75%
-Few days after deployment we got the alerts for File system utilization crossed 900%.
But when i checked the FS utilization was below 50.When i checked the message,got the message the Threshold set is 900 and current utilization is 35347. I couldnt understand as to how can i FS cross such a utilization. Is the CODA database having some problem.I have deployed this policy on few other servers and all are getting the same alerts.Kindly help.

The agent version is 8.60.005 and the management server version is 8.16.
Any suggestions please.
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Re: File system monitoring using CODA

You are messing two different things - one is usage and the other is utilization ...

utilization is value returned as percentage of the space used calculated from the total space available
usage gives you absolute value of space used

so either you switch to fs_space_util or change your policy thresholds ...
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Re: File system monitoring using CODA

Hi Peter,
I got your point.Currently i am using metric as FS_SPACE_USED. and i want output should be in percentage.So which metric should i use. FS_SPACE_USED or FS_SPACE_UTIL??
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Re: File system monitoring using CODA


FS_SPACE_UTIL will give you the expect percentage
you can use "ovcodautil -dumpds coda" to see the current values.

Also you can pipe the output to filter your output

on Unix:
ovcodautil -dumpds coda|grep FS_SPACE_UTIL
"ovcodautil -dumpds coda|grep FS" to get all the filesystem metrics
on Windows

ovcodautil -dumpds coda|find /i "FS_SPACE_UTIL"
ovcodautil -dumpds coda|find /i "FS_"

Mahmoud Ibrahim
Mahmoud Ibrahim
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