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OVO templates upload

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OVO templates upload

I am having OVO 6.x, i want to download al templates and upload it to OVO 8.x .

some ppl ask me us opctempl and some says opccfgdwn.

I wish to have exact steps.

Points for all..

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Re: OVO templates upload


I would try the following:
On ITO6 I would download all customer specific templates (that do not exist on OVO8).
You can use the opc_adm GUI for this. (Actions -> Server -> Download configuration). (I cannot find VPO6 documentation on, but I assume this is available in the admin gui).
As download dir specify /tmp/templ6

Tar the download files:
cd /tmp
tar cvf templ6.tar ./templ6

Copy the tar-file to your OVO8 server (in /tmp; BINARY TRANSFER mode when using FTP).

On the OVO8 server:
cd /tmp
tar xvf templ6.tar
opccfgupld -add /tmp/templ6

This will only upload templates that are not yet available in OVO8.

If you do want to upload templates that already exist, you will overwrite the OVO8 version with your ITO6 version if you specify -replace i.s.o. -add.

I wonder if ITO6 already has template groups

As a backup, make a full config download of your OVO8 server (select all but Actions/Commands/Monitors executables) before uploading anything from 6.

I never used opctempl. Is it available in ITO6? From the OVO8 manpage it seems it can download just 1 template at a time.

Will OVO8 process the ITO6 download file? OVO8 and ITO6 are not compatible.
According to the following thread, it will:

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Re: OVO templates upload

Uploading OVO 6.x templates to OVO 8.x is not supported. If you run into problems, you will not get any support from HP.

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Re: OVO templates upload

I won't miss support on customer / customized templates...