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Error:4020 and Error:4030

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Error:4020 and Error:4030

i've problem with backup to autolaoder 1/8 ultrium 2.
the backup job on data protector express(ver. 3.1 sp4) continues just several seconds and stucks (status window shows that a few hundreds MB are backuped (~10-15%)). After 30-40 min. two errors are displayed: "Error:4020 Element full" and "Error:4030 Illegal request"

Any ideas?

Re: Error:4020 and Error:4030

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Re: Error:4020 and Error:4030

but it didn't help.
Two new errors appeared:
Error 4458: The media could not be prepared for boot with HP's One-Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR) solution.
Error 4121: TapeAlert-Warning-Lost statistics.
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Re: Error:4020 and Error:4030

Hi Guys, I have the same problem, but on version 4.0 SP1.


Error 4020 Element Full


Help Please

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Re: Error:4020 and Error:4030

I am facing the same problem with the error code “Error 4020: Element Full”. I am using Data Protector Express 3.50-SP2.

Please advice, how to resolve the issue.


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Re: Error:4020 and Error:4030

Same error here!

4241 TapeAlert - Warning - Lost Statistics


We are running Data Protector(DP) Express 4.00 sp1 and we are using StorageWorks 960 ultrium-3 tape drive.

Few days ago while we were restoring same data from LTO3 tape DP starts to act strange. It could not mount tape!!!

Operation that would usally be done in one or two minutes now was working for a 5 and more hours.

I thought that LTO3 tape gone bad but then I start do restores from other LTO3 tapes and it had same problem.

I could not do anything. When I try do identidied media after 11 hours DP sad that he can't read media and that I should try again. I used L&TT and drive and media passed all tests.


Is this media error, drive error, DP error or something else?


Is there a way to mount something like remote tape drive to DP or to mount somethnig like virtual tape drive?