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SAS adaptor return on warranty

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SAS adaptor return on warranty

I've been trying in earnest to start the process of returning a SAS adaptor under warranty, but the HP website is so labirinthine, it's certainly not making the process easy!


I've plugged in all serials I can see on the SAS adaptor, and none of the them return anything. Please can someone offer any advice? I've also tried ringing them and I get the same issue insofar as I get through to someone who won't proceed further without being given the correct serial number for warranty. Very frustrating.


Just to confirm, this is an HP OEM SAS adaptor purchased in the United Kingdom.


Here are the numbers I've tried so far:


LSI-3442 (B)
SN: SP04741854
SP#: 416155-001
AS#: 013252-001
DG#: 013252


Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated.

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Re: SAS adaptor return on warranty



Can't believe not one reply!


Can anyone advise, please?


Thanks again.

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Re: SAS adaptor return on warranty

As far as I understand you have a

HP SC44Ge Host Bus Adapter


  • Option Kit part number: 416096-B21
  • Spares part number: 416155-001



see http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/servers/proliantstorage/adapters/sc44ge/index.html


But I did not understand what your problem is ...

Hope this helps!

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Re: SAS adaptor return on warranty

Thanks for responding.


I'm aware of what adaptor I have - that's not the issue. I need to know why none of the serial numbers I find on the adaptor are accepted as valid when entering into the following warranty checker:




I've also tried via this one:




Is there another portal I can try?


Thanks again.

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Re: SAS adaptor return on warranty

Anyone able to help me? Anyone there?