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3 New Tape Drives not Seen by 2003 Host

Ryan McMillan_1
Occasional Contributor

3 New Tape Drives not Seen by 2003 Host

We have an ESL322e. It was configured with FC drives. It connects to our SAN(EVA5000). It had 4 tape drives that connect back to a Server 2003 Host. The 2003 server sees a medium changer and the 4 lto drives in device manager.

I just added another drive cluster with 3 more FC LTO drives. Command View TL sees the drives perfectly. Everything is green in the cabling view. I have added the additional drives to the Host Access (Secure Manager) to the Host/HBA section of Command View.

I have restarted the 2003 server, and scanned for new devices in device manager, however it doesn't see the added 3 drives. It still only sees the original drives.

Any help is much appreciated. I have a case open with HP but was wondering if anyone had some suggestions.
Steve Begley
Trusted Contributor

Re: 3 New Tape Drives not Seen by 2003 Host

Hi Ryan,

I know this is a fairly "stock" answer but have you checked the firmware revs of the new drives - I have seen a few occasions where replaced faulty drives are not seen from the server, CVTL shows everything as green but the fix was to change the firmware to the same as the others - I guess that if you added a new drive cluster, you also added a new E2400-FC - is it possible that the firmware on this could also be a problem?


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Ryan McMillan_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: 3 New Tape Drives not Seen by 2003 Host

It would appear I have not cabled the new E2400-FC properly.

I need to run 2 additional connections to the SAN for the new E2400-FC. I did not do this.

I suspect once the fiber is run I will need to do some zoning as well in the switch.

Thank you again.
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: 3 New Tape Drives not Seen by 2003 Host

Also be sure if you are using advanced Secure Manager, to set every new map starting from LUN 0 or win2300 will not detect the devices. Probably this is not your scenario, but it may help someone