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Adaptec 39320 does not see HP LTO3 LVD.

Milan Sykora
Occasional Advisor

Adaptec 39320 does not see HP LTO3 LVD.


we are not able to connect HP LTO3 SCSI LVD
tape drives to the SCSI HBA Adaptec 39320A.
Firmware of the drive is: G24S/008.461
The OS is : Windows 2003 SP1 32 bit
HBA bios is: BIOS 4.30.1,
os driver for HBA is : Adaptec, version dater 2/17/2004.

The connected drives are not recognized by the system.

Are there any compatibility issues??

Thank you for your answers,
Jaclyn Rothe
Trusted Contributor

Re: Adaptec 39320 does not see HP LTO3 LVD.

Does POST see the drive?

Is the tape drive internal or external?
Is the drive terminated correctly?

I would chekc the cables for bent pins or damage, or try swappign the cables.

There are no known issues with 39320 detection issues in POST for LTO 3 drives.
Although certain versions of Windows don't like 39320 cards.
Milan Sykora
Occasional Advisor

Re: Adaptec 39320 does not see HP LTO3 LVD.

... the drives are external.
I hope, that they are terminated correctly.

I will check all thinks tomorrow.

Thank you