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AutoLoader - autochanger missing device

D Block 2
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AutoLoader - autochanger missing device

Is there any document or checklist for setting up the AutoChanger device for the HP C6366A AutoLoader ? product C6366A is: C6366A which has the C1557A and C1557A from the ioscan.

How to configure the AutoChanger that is "unknown" from the IOSCAN command ?

# ioscan | grep unknown
unknown -1 0/0/2/0.3.1 UNCLAIMED UNKNOWN HP C1557A

here is the ioscan

tape 1 0/0/2/0.3.0 stape CLAIMED DEVICE HP C1557A
/dev/rmt/1m /dev/rmt/c2t3d0BESTn
/dev/rmt/1mb /dev/rmt/c2t3d0BESTnb
/dev/rmt/1mn /dev/rmt/c2t3d0DDS
/dev/rmt/1mnb /dev/rmt/c2t3d0DDSb
/dev/rmt/c2t3d0BEST /dev/rmt/c2t3d0DDSn
/dev/rmt/c2t3d0BESTb /dev/rmt/c2t3d0DDSnb
unknown -1 0/0/2/0.3.1 UNCLAIMED UNKNOWN HP C1557A
target 4 0/0/2/0.7 tgt CLAIMED DEVICE

DDS-3 Autoloader.C6366A
HP offers a six-cartridge DDS-3 autoloader (A3716A). This is a standalone device that has a single DDS-3 drive
and can hold up to six DDS-3 cartridges. Typical capacity is 144 GB assuming a 2:1 compression ratio. The
autoloader is supported only when used on a dedicated single ended SCSI bus and managed by a
backup/restore software package such as HP OmniBack II. Multiple autoloaders on a single bus is supported
provided only autoloaders are on the bus and all devices on the bus are managed by the same backup software
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Re: AutoLoader - autochanger missing device


You need to have 'schgr" driver for autoloader(picker) added in kernel.

Refer the following doc page 2-6 to 2-8.
for configuration.

Luk Vandenbussche
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Re: AutoLoader - autochanger missing device

Hi Tom,

Add the driver 'schgr' to your kernel.
After the relink you will see a device file