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Autoloader 1/8 Robotic failure error Code B9C4

Autoloader 1/8 Robotic failure error Code B9C4

Hello All
Any one can help me with this error
Autoloader 1/8 G2 with LTO2 Tape Drive
show error : Robotics failure : B9C4

Any body can help me with spare part number for the robotic , i find that chassis may contain the robotic but need confirmation

Please help
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Autoloader 1/8 Robotic failure error Code B9C4

Hi, yes

the chassi spare part contains the robotics.
You can find more details about this in the service guide (looked quickly now and it looks like you keep the tape drive and replace the rest:)


See this for some extra help with the troubleshooting.


I could not find the same B9C4 error code in there that says "robotics failure".

But C4 might mean "Sled 5 movement to sensor during check on magazine type failed".

So I would check the magazine first before attempting to replace the robotics. Maybe a tape is stuck/has fallen out or something like that.. Firmware update. Run an inventory, etc.
Daniel Ramos_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Autoloader 1/8 Robotic failure error Code B9C4


the Error Code B9 is link with a communication problem on MSL G3 Libraries usually problems related with the Library Extender.

Do you have any device attached like a D2D?