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Backup Exec V8.5 V3572

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Backup Exec V8.5 V3572

First off want to thank all the posters and compaq dudes. As I have got so much anwsers from this forum so far. Cheers.

Anyway the problem...
When using BE 8.5 on my proliant DL380 with a TL891 I get an error message after a backup has been done telling me that it was unable to verify the Job as there was an inconsistency in the media on a paticular file. This file changes with whatever you backup and the media is brand new i have tried many from all diffrent batches just to make sure.
After checking with Veritas they recomend a Firmware of v97 on the TL891 im running with v80, no big deal apart from when flashing the TL891 to v97 with the TSMC I always get an error5 while downloading flash to the device. "Device (0,4,0) reports an error...Sense Key: ILLEGAL REQUEST ASC: 0x24 ASCQ: 0x8d Bad drive/servo image EDC#"
Please dont tell me to phone Compaq support as I have already done this, and this was a new one on them (UK Compaq).
If the US compaq support knows how to fix this, it would be great if you can give me the number. As I will phone them from here if it means getting this problem resolved.

Thanks in advance for any help on this problem.

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Backup Exec V8.5 V3572

I get a similar error and i haven,t installed backup exec yet !!

I get error 5 when trying to upgrade firmware .

I need a solution