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Backup Scheduling for Library 1/9

Christian Bieletzki
Frequent Advisor

Backup Scheduling for Library 1/9


does anybody have experience in planning a backup schedule for the Sure Store Tape Autoloader 1/9 with Veritas Backup Exec? I want to cover a daily backup mo-th * weekly 1st-last friday. and every month. How should I arrange the tapes (all in one media group) or a specific media group for day, week, month. If so - how ist the overwrite protection configured correctly?
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: Backup Scheduling for Library 1/9


I like the idea of specific media group for day, week, month. And I would NOT overwrite the INFO, without a rotation plan. The rotation plan of the Media Groups depends upon the needs of your company and the applications and data involved. If you do a lot of restores, then rotation of Media groups should be minimal - meaning you should keep a lot of media groups around for a long time. If you don't do a lot of restores, then you need to weigh how important it is to be able to go back to a certain date in case of an emergency. I would personally suggest weekly's and monthly's be kept for at least a year if not a lot longer. I guess I can't stress enough how much of this is a Business Issue that your company has to decide upon.

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