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C1537A loses SCSI connection on a E800 server with Win2K

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C1537A loses SCSI connection on a E800 server with Win2K


I have the following problem with my Tape drive, it loses its connection with the SCSI bus.
Its a standard E800 server and it worked fine for 2 years, nothing changed in the last few months.

After a reboot the server the SCSI controller starts detecting its devices and it will not detect the tape drive and if it does (sometimes)the server works fine until the backup starts and the server hangs and goes down. When i try to startup the server it says "no operating system found" so i physicly have to disconnect the tapedrive from the server, after that the server works fine.

I dont believe its a microsoft issue because the controller does not detect the drive after a reboot.

I already sent the drive back to HP for repair, the swapped it with another one but the problem is still there.

Got any hints to solve this.
Thnx in advance.

Andrew Rutter
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Re: C1537A loses SCSI connection on a E800 server with Win2K


if its been working ok for the last two years and chnaging the drive has proved its not the problem then it sounds like the scsi controller side of things.
If its connected to the onboard controller then it could require a new system board unless you install and connect it to another controller. (A pci one)
Have you checked the Bios version and alike just to check you have the lastest or have you updated it recently thats caused it?

Its worth checking Hp's main site for any scsi bios updates first.

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Re: C1537A loses SCSI connection on a E800 server with Win2K

Thanx for the post, i have not been looking in that direction yet and i will try what you suggested but right now i have very little time and the customer i work for is closed during the holidays. But i'll promise that i'll let you now what the results are.

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