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C1573A not ejecting tapes

Paul Ableman_2
Occasional Contributor

C1573A not ejecting tapes

I've got a DAT24i that won't eject tapes on a semi-weekly basis. We backup five times a week and something causes a tape (not always the same one) not to eject. The only way I can eject it is if the server is rebooted or I power off the drive by unplugging it fromt he power supply (neither of which is convenient).

I've saved a support ticket but it was generated after the tape drive was restarted. When a tape is stuck both NT (4.0)backup and LTT state that there is no tape in the drive.

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: C1573A not ejecting tapes

The support ticket shows a number of firmware hangs in the fault log. I would suspect that these could be causing the problem where the tape won't eject.

Is the SCSI bus properly terminated? How is the drive cabled on SCSI? Does it share a bus with other devices?
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