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Can an Exabyte 10-e or 10-h tape tower be reset via software

Thomas K. McKay
Occasional Advisor

Can an Exabyte 10-e or 10-h tape tower be reset via software

I have a system running HPUX 10.20 with an Exabyte 10-e tower attached. It uses the schgr device driver. The mc command can be used to load tapes from/to the stack, and the st command can be used to free a tape reservation for a tape in the tape drive. But if the tower mechanism hangs up, it seems the only thing I can do is select reset from the LCD menu on the tower, reboot the host, or power cycle the device to get it to reset. Is there any command avalable to reset via software so that the reset could be done from a remote machine?

Thanks much.
Tom McKay
It doesn't matter where you are or who you are, it's what you are that counts.
Charles Harris
Super Advisor

Re: Can an Exabyte 10-e or 10-h tape tower be reset via software

Hi Tom,

I know you can send a soft scsi reset to most devices, although I'm not sure thats what your after. You could try searching for the tech spec on the device and see if any reset commands can be sent that perform the same function as the button, but a quick google didn't pull anything much of use!
If you use veritas / other backup software, they may be able to reset the device by treating like upping a downed drive - although I don't know for sure, never having used one........ (tape tower ;-) has some additional inforamtion, although I'm not sure its the same device.

Good luck,