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Can't get TL891DLX and TL891 to exist together

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Can't get TL891DLX and TL891 to exist together

We are trying to get these two Mini Libraries to exist together in the following configuration:

TL891DLX on SmartArray 5300 controller which supports LVD
TL891 on a Compaq 2-port Differential SCSI (Symbios OEM?) controller (don't know what specific Compaq model)

The tape drives are on separate cards and totally separate buses. When booting during BIOS stage, 5300 controller cannot see 891DLX. However, other controller can see 891 fine. When we disconnect the cable to 891 to bring it offline, during bootup BIOS stage now 5300 can see the 891DLX. Bringing both Mini Libraries online, they seem to conflict with each other. I don't know the cause. this is all at the BIOS bootup stage, and should have nothing to do with NT driver issues or SSD. Firmware issue? Hardware conflict? Help!
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Can't get TL891DLX and TL891 to exist together

Correction: Not using SA5300, but a Dual Channel Wide Ultra3 Differential SCSI adapter. Sorry for any confusion.