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Can you recommend a drive for HP9000?

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Grant Willey

Can you recommend a drive for HP9000?

I'm looking for a drive to replace my original 2GB drive that came in my HP9000 D220 server. Can you recommend an internal and external drive for me to compare? We run v10.20 HP-UX. Our current disk space usage is 4GB.

Thanks, Grant
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Can you recommend a drive for HP9000?

It seems you have an old DDS1 drive. As your amount of data is not very big I think the best replacement is a DDS3 drive. An advantage with this drive is it seems be compatible with the DDS1 tapes. There can perhaps be problem connecting an internal drive (I am not sure) so the easiest, I think, is to buy an external.

Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: Can you recommend a drive for HP9000?


This all depends on how much data you have to backup, of course. And... on your server. You can only connect HVD and SE devices on your D-Class, not LVD. So vs80 is certainly out of the question.

Well, you have choices. DDS2 and DDS3 are the best in my opinion, so that your current backups would remain readable. DDS4 requires an LVD interface for optimum performance, so no. These are for 8Gb or 24Gb backups respectively. If you want more than that, I suggest you go to an HVD DLT8000 drive, that would backup 80Gb of data.

And... yes you can connect DDS2 and DDS3 internally... no problem! Both of these use the SE SCSI bus, like the DDS1 you have.

Tape Drives RULE!!!
Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: Can you recommend a drive for HP9000?

Hi there.
Why not try to get a second hand DLT4000 or a DDS3 or even both ? SO you can do large backups etc on the DLT and tar or cpio of small files to the DDS3 ( Tapes DDS, DDS2 or DDS3 depends how uch you want to spend ).
Alexander M. Ermes
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