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Colorado 5GB with Travan 8GB Tapes

Wendy Rogers_1
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Colorado 5GB with Travan 8GB Tapes

Can I use a Travan 8GB tape with my Colorado 5 GB Drive? I went to Office Depot and that was the smallest tapes they had. If so, what do I need to do, it keeps telling me that the media is not usable with this device. Shouldn't I be able to reformat it or something?


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Re: Colorado 5GB with Travan 8GB Tapes


.. but you can upgrade your 5GB to an 8GB by downloading this stuff:,C4362A〈=English+(US)&basePartNum=COL1740&locBasepartNum=co-7849-1&os=Microsoft+Windows+NT+4.0&tech=Software

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