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Colorado Backup II and Unresponsive Apps

Tim Butler_2
Occasional Visitor

Colorado Backup II and Unresponsive Apps

An accounting firm is is using PeachTree accounting on a peer-to-peer network. They backup the PeachTree data nightly using Colorado Backup II v 8.0. Invariably, the next morning the PeachTree apps will not open. PeachTree tech support says it's a hardware problem. A previous consultant suggested the problem was due to the backup. Is it possible that the files PeachTree needs to open are still being "held" by the backup? Has anyone else seen something like this?
Paul R. Dittrich
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Colorado Backup II and Unresponsive Apps

"peer-to-peer network" -
Has anyone checked to see if the drive mappings for the shares are being maintained during/after the backup?