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Colorado Jumbo 350 Tape Driver

Bob Dorian
Occasional Visitor

Colorado Jumbo 350 Tape Driver

After restoration of a disk crash my machine does not recognize the Jumbo 350
Tape Drive, but does recognize a generic tape drive.

I tried to order a driver from HP, but they sent the wrong one, and now claim
the Jumbo 350 driver is not available from their store as it is out of

If anyone can suggest a means of getting a driver, I would appreciate it.
There does seem to be a part of HP that covers out of warranty products, but I
was not able to get a fax or E mail address for them to see if I could order a
part from them

thanks for any help
Bob Dorian


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Bob Light
Frequent Advisor

Re: Colorado Jumbo 350 Tape Driver

There is a web page just for Jumbo 350
support linked below with software, drivers and manuals
available for download.

You can also access other products in the
information storage group at

Bob Dorian
Occasional Visitor

Re: Colorado Jumbo 350 Tape Driver

To Bob Light

Thanks for the response, but the driver is only for NT. I ordered the CD for
Colorado II and it had to be sent back as it only covered Colorado drives of
4GB or higher.

I called the HP phone number, and they could not help me. Wanted me to call a
phone number that charged $2.50 per minute. No way.

thanks anyway. Maybe there is a diskette I could buy, if you could provide me
with a part number.

The HP store sent me colorado backup II, part #C445-1800 at 29.95 plus shipping
and handling. It cost me another $7.70 to send it back.
Bob Light
Frequent Advisor

Re: Colorado Jumbo 350 Tape Driver

I have 2 questions for you.

1. Which OS are you using?

2. According to the attached web page, Colorado Backup
II version 8 does support your drive and other
drives less than 4GB, but only under Win95/98.
Did you get your information referenced in previous
post from HP or in the program? Was it in the
readme file? Did you actually try the software?
If the software failed to function as in the link
page below, please let me know.


Bob Dorian
Occasional Visitor

Re: Colorado Jumbo 350 Tape Driver

To Bob Light

I am using Window 95, but will be upgrading to Win 98 in the next couple of

I received the information from 2 HP employees. the first was at an 800 Tech
Help Number, and the second when I purchased the CD.

I tried it, but it did not work.

fortunately, I found a friend who also had the same tape drive, and he loaned
me his original floppy, so I think it is working well now, but I have not had
tome to do a complete backup and restore.

I also spoke to Tech Support after I received the CD, and they told me it was
the wrong one.

Thanks for your help anyway.