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Command View TL - send test snmp trap

Frequent Advisor

Command View TL - send test snmp trap

I have an ESL712e under management from Command View TL 2.6. I can configure SNMP destinations etc, but I've not figured out how to test the SNMP traps. Short of physically provoking errors, there's no real way of verifying SNMP as far as I can tell.


I'm sure I could go through the (rather painful change) process of upgrading to CV TL 3.0, but a quick look through the manual doesn't indicate there are any new feature in this regard.

Rajat Bhargava
Frequent Advisor

Re: Command View TL - send test snmp trap

I think what you can do is to enable all alerts in SNMP > try opening a load port. It should send out an alert.



Rajat Bhargava