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Command like "ltfscp" for HP drives? (Optimal copy order from LTFS tapes)

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Command like "ltfscp" for HP drives? (Optimal copy order from LTFS tapes)

Is there a HP compatible tool like IBM's "ltfscp" (which is apparently limited to IBM drives), that would copy file out of an LTFS formatted LTO tape in the same order as they apper on the media - i.e. without unnecessary seeking?


I'm on Linux and would guess that sorting a file list by inode number might do the trick...


  find /mnt/ltfs/ATM133L6/ -xdev -type f -printf "%i %p\n" | sort -n | sed 's/^[^ ]* //'


...but I'd feel more comfortable using a dedicated command than applying this kind of ad-hoc shell gymnastics.


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Re: Command like "ltfscp" for HP drives? (Optimal copy order from LTFS tapes)



HP LTFS currently does not have ltfscopy. However the upcoming versions will have the ltfscopy tool.


HP SOA 2.0.0 is expected to be available by early next week.

The standalone drive version HP SOS next version will be available in Q2 2015 and will have ltfscopy.


Going by the inode numbers may not produce the expected results because it is not guaranteed to be in the order as it is on the tape media.


For files on the LTFS tape there is a unique identifier called “fileUID” and this is accessible as an attribute of the file. On Linux this can be accessed using the “attr” command.


[root@localhost ~]# attr -g ltfs.fileUID /mnt/soa/CGV952L5/example-file.txt

Attribute "ltfs.fileUID" had a 1 byte value for /mnt/soa/CGV952L5/example-file.txt:


[root@localhost ~]#

You would need to generate the list of files on the tape and then sort them based on the ‘fileUID’ to get the expected result.