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Compaq 15/30 GB DLT

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Compaq 15/30 GB DLT

I have a compaq 15/30 GB DLT and it is attached to my server running windows server 2000. I was wondering if 2000 server supports compression and if so is 2.6 a good level for the tape drive.
Frank Parise
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Re: Compaq 15/30 GB DLT

I have the same drive and was wondering where I can get Win 2000 drivers for this unit.

Please email me at fparise@ghmh.org

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq 15/30 GB DLT

It is not the os that have to support compression on a tape, but the tape itself plus the backup utility that you are using.
By default if the compression is enable, a software that can manage the compression is able to change the default settings sending a scsi command in order to do that.

Installin L&TT (hp diagnostic) will let you check if your Bios version uis uptodate and eventualy it will upgrade it automaticaly

drivers for DAT 35/70 are located here.