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Compaq 160/320 SDLT Drive

Brian Murphy_3
Occasional Visitor

Compaq 160/320 SDLT Drive

Trying to connect a SDLT drive to a 5300 controller that is also connected to a storage array.

Running Win2k SP3 with Arcserver 2000 SP4.

Drive shows up under devices but has the following disclaimer text:

(Arcserve Manager)
"This is a shared device on a Distributed Server and tape engine is unable to connect to Primary Server"

It appears that the SDLT drive will not function if connected to a SCSI Controller that is also connected to a Storage Array with a logical drive configured?

Can someone confirm this or make a suggestion?

Or, do I need to procure another SCSI card for the tape drive?
Victor Pendlebury
Valued Contributor

Re: Compaq 160/320 SDLT Drive


The SA5300 only supports the following Tape Drives : AIT35 Hotplug / AIT50 Hotplug and DAT 20/40 Hotplug .

You will need a dedicated SCSI controller for your SDLT Drive .

Supported adapters for the SDLT 160/320 are
Single Channel 64-bit Wide Ultra3 with 68 Pin HD Connector - 154457-B21, 154457-291

Dual Channel 64-bit Wide Ultra3 - 129803-B21

Ultra2 64-bit Dual Channel with VHDCI connectors - 348757-B21