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Compaq ait35 drive - Event error Caitw2i

glenn lindley
Occasional Visitor

Compaq ait35 drive - Event error Caitw2i

Event ID: 11
Source: Caitw2i
Description: The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Tape0.

Error repeats every 5 seconds, backups fail with waiting for media message, a reboot of the server fixes for a day or 2 at most butt then the error starts again back up fails and requires another reboot.

A new tape drive has been installed this did not help.

Many thanks

Tina Karasch
Valued Contributor

Re: Compaq ait35 drive - Event error Caitw2i

check the service-pack of your OS - the scsi and tape drivers (not MS pls) and on the hw side - fw and the terminator.....good chance its the scsi driver or terminator/cable) causing this.
If U want to; let's get technical.... :P