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Config MSL6030 in SAN with 2003 Cluster

Dimitris Yannoukakis
Occasional Contributor

Config MSL6030 in SAN with 2003 Cluster

Hi, is there any quick config guide how to setup the MSL6030 in a F200 win2003 cluster? We are using SAN switches 2/8V and the MSL is connected only to one of them. The backup software will be HP Data Protector.

Thanks in advanced,
Claudio Ruzza_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Config MSL6030 in SAN with 2003 Cluster

First of all you have to make sure that your Tape library is equipped with NSR e1200, in order to allow the library to be connected to the SAN.
Secondly, you have to set up properly the NSR, creating at least one FC-to-SCSI map, preferably Indexed (=static) and associate the newly created map to the servers that will share the library. You can do these tasks connecting to the NSR via the serial cable OR via the Ethernet port, using then a web browser and entering just the IP address. The ethernet default IP address for the router is mask In some cases I've found new NSR with DHCP enabled, so I had to access the menu via serial, disable DHCP and then access again via ethernet.
After that you should discover your new hardware via device manager in win2003. Make sure you download and install the NSR e1200 driver. Disable the windows 2003 removable Storage Service, and then install Data Protector. Once Data Protector is installed, please disable the tape drives in w2003 Device Manager clicking right on each one (choose "disable"). You can then run the Device wizard in Data protector. It should be enough
Tell us if you encounter some problems.
Good luck