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Connect MSL2024 to bl460c g6

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Connect MSL2024 to bl460c g6

i have c3000 enclosure with
HP Virtual Connect 4Gb FC Module and
ProLiant BL460c G6 with Qlogic qmh2462.
I want connect tape library MSL2024 to BL460c.

In VCM i see HBA port status "not-logged-in" and in uplink port connector status - "unknown".

what to do next?

Re: Connect MSL2024 to bl460c g6

Assuming your VC then connects to a switch which then connects to the library. Do the following :-

1) Ensure you have assigned a FC server profile on the Virtual Connect to your blade.

2) Enter qlogic bios on card and scan for devices (this will bring port up on the switch). Or enter OS and load qlogic HBA driver.

3) On the switch create zone so server and library can see each other.

Re: Connect MSL2024 to bl460c g6

My VC is connected directly to the library.
Is it important to have switch between VC amd library?
When i connect library to DL380 with Qlogic HBA it works properly.

When i create FC profile, it switches to status "Failed".

In qlogic bios i found no devices.
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Re: Connect MSL2024 to bl460c g6


Please note that VC is not a SAN Switch and it will not support connectivity to MSL / EVA ports. The VC Should be connected to SAN Switch which supports NPIV and your MSL and Storage connect to the SAN Switch.

So you should have a SAN Switch between Storage and VC.

Re: Connect MSL2024 to bl460c g6

I have found a solution to this question as seen in the comments below.