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Connecting a NAS1200S to a DLT 4000

Stefano Colombo
Frequent Advisor

Connecting a NAS1200S to a DLT 4000

a customer would like to connect an old QUANTUM DLT 4000 to a new NAS 1200S .
The DLT has a "centronics" type scsi interface . Where can I find a cable to connect it .
Most important . Is this supported or might arise compatibility problems ?
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Connecting a NAS1200S to a DLT 4000

DLT 4000 is a SE narrow device, you have to use a scsi hba with narow interface if you want to avoid connectivity problems, especialy if the DLT is an external one, or you will need specials cables with higher bit terminator build in.Adaptec 2940 series may fith