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Connecting a TL891 to NAS 1000s Box

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Occasional Contributor

Connecting a TL891 to NAS 1000s Box


I am trying to connect a TL891(120876-B21) to my StorageWorks NAS 1000s box and getting the following error on boot.
29160LP A at slot 02,01:03:00 -SCSI configuration error: 02

The Hardware I am using is

StorageWorks NAS 1000s
The Cable connecting TL891 to NAS box has the following ID 10035759

The TL SCSI is set to

SCSI Parity Enabled
Libray Bus ID:15
DLT0 Bus ID: 14

SCSI Controller ID is 7

There is not other devides on the chain.
and the Library is Terminated correctly.

Please Help!!

Mike Naime
Honored Contributor

Re: Connecting a TL891 to NAS 1000s Box

I would have to check the config on one of my TL891's, but I believe that you do not need to have both the Library bus ID, and the DLT0 bus ID set if you only have one drive in the library.

With multiple TL892's (891 with 2 drives)in the same SCSI chain, we had to set both parameters.

I think that you only set the Library bus ID when you have more than one tape library in the same SCSI chain.

Try turning off the Library bus ID.

VMS SAN mechanic
Thomas Martin
Trusted Contributor

Re: Connecting a TL891 to NAS 1000s Box


your Library is a HVD-SCSI Device but your controller card is LVD/SE. Try Adaptec 2944 or HP Card 157299-B21.

Occasional Contributor

Re: Connecting a TL891 to NAS 1000s Box

Thanks Guys !!!

Thomas I think you have hit the nail on the head there with the HVD and LVD. Is there a cable/transistor I can use that will convert LVD to HVD?