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Correct Part # on Autoloader? C5713A or C5716A?

Stephan R. Salo
Occasional Visitor

Correct Part # on Autoloader? C5713A or C5716A?

I ordered a C5716A DAT 40x6i autoloader. All the documentation on the outside of the box describes it as such. However when I installed it in the LC2000 Netserver and booted up, it identified the device as a C5713A. Is it really a C5713A? Should I be concerned? We haven't tried using the device yet, so I don't know whether we will encounter any problems.
paul courry
Honored Contributor

Re: Correct Part # on Autoloader? C5713A or C5716A?

You'll be fine. That's just the Id string you are seeing. HP many times will not change the ID string, this is infamous with respect to their tape drives. I have 35 or so boxes and have 35 different tape drives with the same product ID string.