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DAT 6x24 drive won't switch to second tape.

Gary R. Primrose
Occasional Visitor

DAT 6x24 drive won't switch to second tape.

I am on a Novell Network and using CA ArcServe IT v6.6 as backup software.
I just installed this DAT 24x6 drive and am trying to get it to work. It only reads & writes to the first tape, then I get an "Insert another media ..." message. I thought that this drive was supposed to autoload the second tape.

Is there something I am doing
wrong or can someone lead me to a solution.

I thank you so much.
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: DAT 6x24 drive won't switch to second tape.


This is a Arcserve software issue, as the software has to issue a tape change command. Have you tried them for support?

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