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DAT 72 Tape Backup Media, Part C8010A

Pat Flanagan
Honored Contributor

DAT 72 Tape Backup Media, Part C8010A

I'm pretty frustrated after spending an hour and a half in HP's support site and not finding the answer to this.

Regarding the media referred to in my subject line, I'm simply trying to find out the switch positions for Write-Enabled and Write-Protected.

There are no symbols (lock and unlock) on the tape cartridge itself, nor any other symbols of any kind relating to this. There is no information on this in the paper sleeve inside the media case, and there is certainly no information on HP's site (although I now know everything else but this on tape media).

Looking at the back of the tape (the end that would be last to go in to the drive, and first to come out), on the right side, there is a slide switch.

Slid to the right, the switch slot is white, and a small round hole on the bottom of the tape underneath the switch is white.

Slid to the left, the switch slot is blue, and the small hole underneath is blue.

Which is write-enabled and which is write-protected?

Thanks for your help,
Pat Flanagan
Honored Contributor

Re: DAT 72 Tape Backup Media, Part C8010A

So frustrated that I couldn't find the information on HP's site, that I spent some more time searching.

Silly me - I should have thought of looking for it in the tape DRIVE manuals rather than the tape MEDIA support pages, such as they are (yes there is a note of sarchasm).

Anyway, it's page 32 here if anyone else needs it, and HP - you should put symbols on the media case.