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DAT 72/ media not found


DAT 72/ media not found

I using Windows 2000 and DAT 72. Before installing DAT 72 i use DAT 12/24 and Microsoft backup it works OK. I change DAT 12/24 with DAT 72 and when i try to make backup i get error " media not found ". Any help ?????
Marco Hogeveen_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: DAT 72/ media not found

Here's a troubleshooting guide voodrives.

I hope it can help you with your problem.

What media are you using?
Have you installed the latest driver from hp website?

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Re: DAT 72/ media not found

Have You installed Library and TapeTools?

Have you upgraded the firmware?

Hope this helps...

greetzzz tmy
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