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DAT40 & DLTVS80 on Alpha Server ES47

Occasional Contributor

DAT40 & DLTVS80 on Alpha Server ES47

I have one DAT40 and one DLTVS80 installed in the same channel on a rackmount.
I use a scsi cable PN 313375-002 to connect them to the ES47.

But when a restart the system, all the devices become unknown including the system disk.

If I run the command dsfmgr -K, all device drivers are rebuild but for the DAT40 and the DLTVS80.

Even if I run hwmgr-scan scsi followed by dsfmgr -K, the DAT40 and the DLTVS80 are not rekognized. Do I need to change the scsi cable? or what other reason may be the cause?
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: DAT40 & DLTVS80 on Alpha Server ES47

I do not known ALFA servers, but as a general rule,
-the tapes drive need a separate scsi controller VS the HDD.
-Also each device should have a unique SCSI ID, so check if every device on the scsi chain have a diferent ID.
-A scsi chain need to be terminated, check if you have a valid scsi terminator

if everythink looks ok, try to connect one device at a time, and see if just one work fine