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DLT 20/40 and 35/70 compatibility

Jason Moorhead_2
Frequent Advisor

DLT 20/40 and 35/70 compatibility

Hi all... I have 2 HP-9000 servers. One has a 20/40 DLT drive and the other has a 35/70 DLT drive.

Is it possible to write to the 35/70 drive in such a way that can be read by the 20/40 drive? I know a 35/70 can read the 20/40, but how can I make the reverse true as well?

Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT 20/40 and 35/70 compatibility

Hi Jason,

If I understand this correctly, you have a DLT 7000 drive (35/70) and a DLT 8000 (20/40)?
If this is the case, yes you can, you just need to create a device that writes in DLT7000 format for the DLT 8000 drive.

Here's how:

e.g. mksf -C tape -H 0/12.3.0 -b 133 -c 1 /dev/rmt/1m-DLT7000_mode
Using the drive the other should be backwards compatible anyway. Try a couple of 'tar' archives to test.

Anyone for a Mutiny ?
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT 20/40 and 35/70 compatibility

Perhaps Michael has made a mistake. The 20/40 drive must be a DLT4000 and it is neccesary to create a DLT4000 compatible device file for the DLT7000 drive instead.

I can't find any document about bpi settings for different DLT devices. Perhaps Michael can help with this.